Forms as a service.

Bring your HTML forms to life. Just link your Airtable base and point your form at Beenform and we will do the rest.
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How does it Work

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Point your form to our server

Set your form's action-attribute to our server url generated from your dashboard. Take a look at this simples example:

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Done, sit back and relax

That's it! Beenform takes care of all the processing. Every time you receive a submission, we will either create or update an Airtable record

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Capture and automate form submissions

Without any programming, we collect submissions from the forms and provide our users with a simple and intuitive way to always keep their data.

A versatile endpoint with dozens of possibilities

An unlimited imagination, create forms for everything from contacts, emails to newsletters. You need to collect information for a form then use our service and save the records on Airtable.

Advance User Authentication

Ever wanted your users, clients etc to edit their records on Airtable base, just give them link to your custom HTML form and Beenform will auto-poplate the fields with their Airtable records.

Watch video tour

A picture is worth a thousand words, for this we created a video for the most curious. See how Beenform can help you save on servers and your static sites.

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$15 (Beta)

  • Unlimited Forms & Submissions
  • 1000 Record updates per form
  • Spam Protection with Google ReCaptcha
  • Advance User Authentication
  • Custom endpoints
  • Complete data manipulation
  • Email notifications
  • Download data
  • Support
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  • 1 form
  • 100 Submissions per form
  • 50 Record updates per form
  • Advance User Authentication
  • Spam Protection with Google ReCaptcha
  • Data visualization
  • Simple data manipulation
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